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Energy continues to be a major cost for most businesses.

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Business electricity rates are rising, but you can still cut your energy bills down to size. Compare business electricity prices with Utility Bidder to save time and money. We’ll even handle the entire switching process. You won’t need to lift a finger.

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How can we get you cheaper business electricity rates?

Electricity makes up a huge portion of any business utility bills and finding cheaper business electricity rates in line with the day to day life of being a business owner eats into time that could be used elsewhere. Here are 4 tips on how you can get cheaper business electricity rates.

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How can we help you save on your electricity bills

1. Best Electricity Prices in Minutes

Our UK based energy consultants will find you the best price in minutes! We have access to exclusive rates from a wide range of major UK suppliers.

2. Save Money

Already have a price for business electricity? Challenge Utility Bidder to beat it. We’re so confident that we can beat your initial renewal quote, we’ll pay you £500 if we can’t! *Terms and Conditions apply.

3. Hassle Free

You’ll get your own dedicated account manager to complete all the paperwork. We’ll handle the switch and set up your new utility contract with your supplier. With our help, your switch will be fast, smooth and stress-free.

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Our business electricity saving tips

Use electricity from renewable sources:

By switching to renewable energy resources you don’t have to pay the climate change levy, which is a tax that businesses need to pay for business energy. To find out more about renewable energy visit our green energy page.

Sign up for a smart meter:

A smart meter does all the work for you, meaning you don’t have to carry out regular checks on your electricity meter yourself. This meter will send the readings directly to your energy supplier, making your business electricity bills more accurate and reducing the chance of you having to pay the odds

Compare quotes before your contract ends:

It is important to shop around to get as many business electricity quotes possible before your contract ends. The best time to start looking is six months before the contract ends.

Compare business electricity suppliers, tariffs and prices

We've included deemed business electricity prices per kwh below. These are rates that you can expect to see if you are out of contract. Business electricity comparison website's can't update live prices that suit all businesses.

Check your business energy suppliers are authorised and regulated correctly by the Ofgem confidence code and regulated by the financial conduct authority. This includes gas and electricity information for: Domestic consumers | Electricity – retail markets | Gas – retail markets | Licences, codes and standards.

*deemed out of contract electricity prices per kwh are believed to be accurate as of 09/04/20. We aim to provide the most accurate information possible and aren’t responsible for any inaccurate pricing on this page.

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We’re dedicated in helping businesses like yours save more on energy. Contact us today and a member of our team will help you find the best deals on your energy prices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To start saving money on your business electricity you have to tackle consumption and energy spend. Energy monitoring and saving devices are good, but if you want to save money you also have to look at your energy statements to see how much you’re paying for your unit rate and daily standing charge. Keep your contract end date in mind, you can start comparing business electricity quotes up to one year before your contract end date. Your current rates will be used as a starting point.

Many suppliers are offering their customers free smart meters, allowing you to monitor your usage in real time. Why not see what optional extras you can get with a contract by speaking to us today.

If you could save money by switching, we’ll let you know. But we won’t stop there. To save you time, hassle and disruption, your Utility Bidder account manager will handle the switching process. You’ll get a better price and a smooth, seamless switch. It really couldn’t be easier.

There are three common types of electric meters used in businesses. These are:

Digital meters – simply read from left to right. If you have an ECO20:20 or Economy 7 meter, you’ll have sets of two numbers – make sure you take note of both readings.

Electronic meters – there are two different types of electronic meters. Meters that show a digital cycle display in which you have to press a button to see the numbers displayed and meters in which the numbers will be visible at all times. Remember to disregard the red numbers and refer to your previous bill or Utility Bidder to find your day and night rates.

Dial meters – simply read this type of meter from left to right. If the number is between two different digits, always take the lower number. If this is between 9 and 0 then take the number 9.

Utility Bidder can help you to change your electricity contract early. Why is it a smart idea to do this? Well, business electricity costs are increasing all the time. So, it makes sense to lock into a long-term fixed term contract. If you can lock in low rates for longer, your business will have more protection from market fluctuations. 

And when your fixed contract runs out, trust Utility Bidder to secure new electricity deals for you. We’re proud to have many long-standing customers, who trust us to put their needs first. 

Your contract end date can be found on your bill, but if your struggling to find it then we can help. Our business electricity brokers are experts at analysing bills. You could be out of contract and paying inflated out of contract rates.

Due to our status with brokers. We can help ensure that you switch to the best deal for your company. Call us today to find out if your business is paying too much.

A smart mater automatically checks your energy consumption every month. Subsequently, your businesses electricity bills will be more accurate. This can help save on your electricity usage. A lot of suppliers can offer smart meters for free as part of your deal.

You can switch your electricity supplier at the end of your contract. It’s important to check if your contract has come to an end because your business could be on to a variable price plan. Variable rates are a lot higher than your contract rate, therefore you will be paying a lot more that you need to. 

Most electricity suppliers give you a six month window to choose a new contract before the end date, while others are more generous and give you a whole year.

Chat with one of our friendly commercial team and we will analyse your current contract and bills and let you know when you can switch.

Generally speaking, business electricity costs are cheaper than domestic prices. However, there are a number of considerations to take into account before choosing your tariff:

  • What meter type is installed
  • How small or large is your energy usage? 
  • Business prices are usually fixed, is it a fixed price contract?
  • Is your business a micro business?
  • Is your business energy contract short term or long term?
  • Do you require gas and electricity?
  • How long has your commercial electrical supply going to be active for?

To find out more, give Utility Bidder a call and we can analyse your current contract and recent bills, finding out if your business is paying too much for its electricity.

You can find our domestic energy prices here.

There’s many additional and inclusive charges that make up your statement. Only around 44 per cent of your unit rate is made up of raw electricity, the rest is made up of additional charges that get picked up on the journey to you. Roughly 28 per cent goes to ‘use of systems’ charges, while the remaining 28 per cent of you bill goes to government schemes.

What does this mean for businesses? Unfortunately, it can mean higher bills. Business electricity prices per unit increased again in 2018 and future rises could be on the cards. This is why it’s so essential to ensure you’re on the right tariff and getting the very best deal on electricity. 

Although these charges are steadily rising, you could still make significant savings on your business electricity contract. It could add up to hundreds if not thousands of pounds a year, depending on the size of your premises. 

We understand that the complexities of the energy market can be overwhelming. This is why we offer our expertise as industry experts, giving trusted advice and award-winning customer service. Work with Utility Bidder and we will guide you to lower costs and solutions that meet your exact needs.

Click here to see our energy guides.

The initial renewal quote you receive from your current supplier is likely to be inflated. Having a good consultancy on board gives you access to all major suppliers and takes care of the process. Utility Bidder has access to live prices and enjoys premier relationships with the UK’s major suppliers. We can get you a better renewal price on electricity or dual fuel. Alternatively, we’ll recommend a switch to get you the best business electricity price.

So, if your existing electricity supplier has given you a high renewal price, speak to Utility Bidder before renewing. Having an experienced broker like us in your corner could help you negotiate a much better electric deal, saving your business a bundle in the process.

Moving premises can be a real headache, and you’ve got enough to get on with. Let Utility Bidder take one crucial item off your to-do list – energy. 

We’ll handle every detail of setting up suppliers for your new premises. Whether it’s just one building or a multi-site premises, our dedicated team will take care of it. From the paperwork to negotiating with suppliers – you can trust us to do it all. And better still, we aim to save you money by finding the best prices on business electricity. 

Both small businesses and large business electricity prices vary based on consumption, sector, location and contract length.

Corporate electricity rates vs small companies, means that collating generic quotes online is not a recommended solution. Each case should be treat on an individual basis.

Speaking with a professional in the industry, that has access to contacts within, can save you a lot of time and money. At Utility Bidder, we handle the process for you, from initial contact with our supplier account managers, down to the paperwork and bill queries. We will negotiate the best utilities tariff for you, allowing you to concentrate on running your business.

A fixed tariff means you will be charged a fixed fee depending on your business electricity use. A variable tariff is impacted by market sluctuations, whereas a fixed tariff is not. There is no right or wrong answer when choosing between the two: it is all down to your business and your use. Discuss commercial electricity prices UK today.

When researching business electricity prices, it’s important to know that your supplier is authorised and regulated by the financial authorities. Click here to see the Ofgem confidence code.

Below we’ve included a list of deemed rates / out of contract rates. Below we’ve included a list of core supplier/;

Gas Company£ pKWH GasGas Standing Charge Pence/day
British Gas23.95p78.4p
Scottish Power22.5p56p
Haven Power23p50p
Engie20.78pSite specific

*prices are believed to be accurate as of 09/04/19. We aim provide he most accurate information and don’t responsibility for any inaccurate pricing on this page.

Energy use continues to be a major cost for most businesses. Whether you’re a high electricity user or a service-based office, electricity expenditure will inevitably make up a substantial proportion of your bills.

With this in mind, it’s important to save money on electricity wherever you can. 

Unfortunately, our research shows that 80% of businesses are overpaying on their electricity bills. 

The good news is that it’s easy to save money on energy. All you need to do is carry out a business electricity comparison with Utility Bidder. We’ll take a close look at your bills and meter readings. Our goal is to identify where you could make savings. 

Our business electricity consultants enjoy premier status with the UK’s leading electricity suppliers. These include E.ON, British Gas, EDF, SSE, NPower and many more. All are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. This close relationship enables us to access exclusive prices, and pass the savings onto you. 

No two businesses are the same, especially when it comes to their energy needs. This is why we offer bespoke pricing for business electricity. You can choose from a range of competitive electricity packages from 27+ suppliers. All cater for different requirements.  This means that whatever your needs, size of business or industry – we’ll find the perfect solution. 

If it’ll save you money to switch suppliers, we’ll let you know. Our team will even handle the switching process for you, from start to finish. We’ll deal with the paperwork and communications with the supplier to get you all set up.  

If you’re happy with your current supplier and would like to stay with them, that’s no problem. We’ll swing into action to negotiate a better deal. Alternatively, we’ll switch you onto a business electricity tariff that works better for your company.

Get your energy bills checked out by Utility Bidder today. You could be paying a small fortune in unnecessary electricity costs. 

It’s only natural to worry about the smooth running of your business. But switching to a more affordable electricity supplier doesn’t have to mean business disruption. In fact, a switch can be far simpler, quicker and smoother than you may expect. 

Our consultants do it all. You’ll get the advantage of their expert advice, as they scour the market to find the very best money-saving tariffs for your business. Our recommendations are bespoke, unbiased and tailored to you. 

Ready to make a switch or have your electricity bills checked by an expert? The Utility Bidder business electricity team is on hand to help. Fill in our simple contact form or call us for free.

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