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Why switch your domestic energy?

We have entered into the domestic energy market so all of your energy is taken care of in the same place. Similar to our reverse auction, you enter your details and we will generate low prices for your gas and electricity. We also offer dual fuel so you only have one bill to keep an eye on for both gas and electricity.

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How to Reduce Home Energy Bills

Heating and powering your home is one of the biggest annual costs for UK families, and according to Ofgem, the average household will spend around £1,254 when it comes to energy costs. Of course, over the years, there has been a surge in energy usage as we become more dependent on electronic devices such as laptops, tablets, TVs and our mobile phones, but more surprisingly, the gadgets we use do not add much more to your energy bills. This is because the gadgets we use are more energy efficient.

There is, however, a lot you can do to reduce energy consumption and save money. The following guide is going to explore the options you have when it comes to saving electricity and gas.

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How to cut energy costs

Insulating your home properly is the best way to cut energy costs. Not only can it reduce your electricity bill, but it can also reduce gas and water usage.

-Install proper loft insulation, which will help prevent heat from escaping through the top of the property. Ideally, you should use 100% natural sheep wool.
-Have cavity wall insulation, which most energy companies offer for free.
-Check your front door for any draughts. Ensure the letterbox is properly insulated.}-Shower rather than take a bath, as the latter uses a lot of hot water when compared to a shower.
-Make use of chimney balloons, or a chimney sweep.
-Invest in double (or triple) glazing, which will reduce your heating bill but also reduce noise pollution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Reducing usage is a good place to start. Such as switching off power when possible and using devices efficiently.

However, the major influence on your home gas and electricity bills will be down to the tariff that your on. If your paying inflated rates then it will be near to impossible to reduce costs without changing or switching.

We work with the UK’s most respected suppliers and will find you the best deal for your home gas or electric.

It’s not just how high you like your heating to be over the winter that affects how much you pay for energy throughout the year. How much your bills are every month will depend on:

-The size of your home
-The number of residents
-The age of your property
-The kinds of lightbulbs
-The age of your boiler
-Whether you have double glazing

One of the most understated factors affecting your energy costs will be how long you have been with your existing energy supplier. Don’t assume that by staying with the same energy companies that you’ll be paying less. Switching to new gas and electric companies can have a dramatic effect on how much your annual bills come to.

Although there are always going to be variations depending on your tariffs and your energy-saving strategies at home, 1-2-bedroom properties in the UK can generally expect to pay just under £800 a year on a dual fuel bill. Larger homes will require more energy, and that means that 3-4-bedroom homes can expect to have an annual dual fuel energy bill of around £1,160. Breaking this down sees that the average gas bill is slightly less than electricity, although this will also be affected by the type of property that you live in.

Accuracy is vital if you want to take more control over your average kWh per day UK. Take the time to understand more about what your bills are breaking down for you and identify where you can make improvements to your energy use. There are solutions available if you think that you are paying too much on energy, and by taking a proactive approach to your gas and electricity consumption, you could alleviate much of the ongoing strain on your bank balance.

When you look at your energy bill, it is often broken down so that it is more easily understandable. However, this breakdown won’t provide much insight into the various aspects of energy that will dictate the final cost. Many factors make up an energy bill, and it’s not all about how much gas and electricity you have used. You will also have additional costs, including:

-Current wholesale cost of gas and electric: This is the amount of money that your energy supplier pays for the gas and electricity that you use.
-Maintenance and Networking: The costs that it takes to ensure that gas pipes and electrical wires are maintained so that you get unrestricted access to the energy you need. This cost can take up as much as a quarter of your bill.
-Operating costs: Your energy suppliers will have their own expenses that will need to be covered. As a result, as much as 17% of your total annual bills will go towards this.

Additionally, gas and electric companies will also have to contribute to government-backed initiatives intended to reduce emissions or save energy. Those costs will always come back to you, and you can expect to pay around 8% more on your bills because of these programs. Of course, VAT will also be included in your energy bill, adding even more to the total.

It used to be that UK households were extremely limited in terms of choosing their energy providers. Now, consumers have a variety of options to consider when looking at gas and electric companies. If you think that you are paying more than you should be, switching to new suppliers has never been easier, and could result in a much healthier and more affordable energy bill every month.

There are a lot of factors to take into account when trying to work out the average cost of home energy in the UK. Insulation will be a major issue, as will the times of day that your home energy is being used. That means there will always be variations in your bills even when compared to your neighbours. Ofgem, the government department that regulates the energy industry, has broken down energy consumption into three distinct user types. Where you fall in the three categories will depend on your average kWh per day UK. For gas use, these are:

Low: Homes that use 8,000kWh

Medium: Homes that use 12,000kWh

High: Homes that use 17,000kWh

In these extremely tight economic times, it has become more important than ever that you take control of your energy bills. As the monthly bills coming piling in, paying too much to heat and run your home can quickly start to have a negative impact on your bank balance. Luckily, there are plenty of things that you can do to improve the energy efficiency of your home. Finding home energy savings solutions has never been easier. So, if you’re tired of paying over the odds on your energy use, here are some tips that will make your home much more energy-efficient.

Improve your Insulation

By far the most effective way of getting your heating bills down, insulation should always be a priority. Older houses especially need to make sure that they have enough insulation, as those older properties are often lacking. Ensure that the empty space of your loft is well insulated, but remember to pay attention to your cavity walls as well. When your heat can easily seep through to the great outdoors, investing in insulation is one of the most beneficial home energy savings solutions.

Boiler Upgrades

If your boiler is inefficient, then it will cause your energy bills to skyrocket. Not only will upgrading your boiler help to slash your monthly bills, but it will also have a dramatic impact on your carbon footprint as well. Check your boiler to see what efficiency rating it has. Boilers are rated alphabetically, with A being the most efficient and G being the worst. If your boiler is rated at the lower end of the spectrum, then it might be time to look at upgrades for improved energy use and increased savings.

Protect Entrance and Exit Points

Doors and windows are always going to be vulnerable points when it comes to letting heat out of your home. There are some very simple solutions to this that can transform your energy costs. Hang some heavy curtains over your windows so that heat has a harder time escaping, and your home will immediately feel warmer. If you have drafty doors, then some stick-on insulation tape can be purchased at very low prices, and that too will positively impact how much energy you need to use.

Pay Attention to Details

There are two things that you need to monitor at all times: your energy consumption and your energy prices. Energy monitors can help you take a lot more control over when and how you use your energy, and some energy providers will even let you have one for free. Make sure that it is easily visible to everyone in the home, and you’ll always know where you stand in terms of energy use. You should also take the time to check your energy bills. Double-check that you aren’t paying too much on your tariff. If you find that you are, then it’s a very simple process to switch to another provider.

Home energy savings solutions don’t have to cost the earth. Have a look at your energy bills, and understand how much you’re paying and why. If it seems like you’re wasting far too much and getting higher bills as a result, then it might be time to start taking a closer look at improving your home energy efficiency.

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