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Crematoriums gas and electricity prices are rising.

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Crematoriums gas and electricity prices are rising. Save time and money, compare Crematorium’s energy and utility deals and rates today. Compare crematorium’s Gas and Electricity Suppliers.

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Private crematoria can save money by switching their energy providers

If you are the owner of a private crematorium, you will be well aware of the high-energy costs associated with running your business.

According to there are 300 crematoria and while the majority are owned and managed by local authorities, just under a third are private – and this number is continuing to grow. The high cost of funerals mean that more consumers than ever are looking to cut out the funeral director and go directly to the crem.

This trend is good news for the private crematoria sector, however, it is a delicate balancing act to offer a cost-effective, dignified service while at the same time managing to keep your in-house costs low.  One of the biggest costs for any crematorium will be energy costs.

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It’s easy for your crematorium to switch energy providers

While the biggest single cost of energy will be the cremator itself, there is more to your crematorium.  Back office staff need to be able to work in a comfortable environment and of course, mourners expect to be able to concentrate on a service and not be too hot or too cold.

One quick win to save money on your crematorium’s gas and electricity bills will be to change your supplier. Utility Bidder appreciate that crematoria do not have excess staff who have the time to trawl through online comparison sites or call numerous utility providers – but we do!  We have dozens of award winning energy experts who are working with customers just like you to do all the hard work to find you the best price for your crematorium’s gas and electricity costs.

We will speak to utility providers across the country, large and small to find your crematorium savings on its utility bills.  The only thing we ask of you is that you sign a letter of authority which basically gives us permission to make enquiries on your behalf – and we are good to go.  It’s also useful, but not crucial, if you could let us have a few old bills which will contain practical information that we can help to discuss your needs.

Don’t wait for your crematorium’s existing gas or electricity contract to expire.  Even if you have several months left to run with your existing gas or electricity provider, the sooner we start to search for a more competitive price – the better.  We can lock you into a new and cheaper price sooner and we could save you anything up to 20% on existing prices.

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Crematoria can save money on energy prices with some quick fixes in-house

More people than ever are looking to ensure they are living a sustainable life and more often than not a sustainable death.  Cremation is generally considered to be better for the environment than burial and according to a BBC Report, crematoria have also had to invest in equipment to comply with new environmental rules.

Modern cremation furnaces use natural gas, propane or diesel and they have to follow strict environmental and air quality standards including additional equipment to filter pollutants from waste gases.

Once Utility Bidder has saved your crematorium money by switching your energy provider there are other ways you can off-set costs and enhance your green credentials. Here are our top five suggestions:

1. Only use LED lighting for both front and back of house. They could last up to 15 years with normal usage and they never lose their brightness.  They are also 80-90% efficient and they are 100% recyclable.  Even better, they will save your crematorium money.

2. Make it a policy to own use caskets made of recyclable material such as cardboard and only use biodegradable containers for remains.

3. Use motion activated lighting in areas such as public toilets – this means the lights are only on when the facility is in use. Similarly, install motion activated taps in the toilets as well as energy efficient hand dryers.

4. How is your crematorium heated? Mourners should feel comfortable during a service and so think carefully about heating and try to make as much use as possible of natural light. Consider the feasibility of using renewable energy such as solar or even installing your own mini wind turbine.

5. Consider signing up to the Recycling Metals Scheme and recycle medical parts and metals.

Switching energy provider is a quick and easy way to save your crematorium up to 20% on energy.  Get in touch with Utility Bidder today.

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Become a greener funeral director business

Operating in such a competitive environment such as the funeral sector means that your business must always be looking for a unique selling proposition. As consumers are demanding a greener approach to all business, being an energy-saving funeral director business is one way you can get ahead of others in your area.

Become a plastic free business.
Tell your clients if you use solar or any other green energy source.
Perhaps you only use sustainable wood for coffins and caskets or you offer cardboard or bamboo caskets?
Ask Utility Bidder to look specifically for greener energy providers or for a green energy contract with regular providers.
Start your energy saving journey by getting in touch with Utility Bidder today.

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