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Utility Bidder is an award-winning energy broker that exists to save sunbed businesses like yours save money on their energy bills. We have been in business for many years and we have excellent customer service feedback – see our reviews on Trust Pilot for yourself.

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Don’t let electricity costs take the shine off your sunbed business

The sunbed industry is the UK is doing a roaring trade although even the Sunbed Association is not sure how many businesses there actually are. In a Guardian article of 2009 they guestimated the figure at between 6,000 – 7,000 and so it’s likely there are many, many more.

When it comes to running a successful sunbed salon it stands to reason the cost of electricity is going to be a substantial part of your overall costs. Every business wants to keep as much of their profit as they can and the sunbed business is no different. Of course, you can’t do anything that impacts on the quality and safety of your sunbeds and so let Utility Bidder help to save you up to a possible 20% on you gas and electricity bills. What is the catch? There isn’t one; we can promise that with this deal you won’t get burnt.



Save £££s on your sunbed salon’s energy bills

All we need from you is a letter of authority (that gives us permission to act on your behalf) and an old bill and this allows us to find your sunbed salon a new and improved deal on your electricity and your gas bills. Once we have liaised with our numerous energy partners we will come back to you with a proposed new supplier and then you decide if you want to switch. Then you can bask in the knowledge you’ve just saved your sunbed business money on your utility bills. Start your energy saving journey by getting in touch with Utility Bidder today If you choose to work with Utility Bidder to find a cheaper energy provider your sun bed salon could soon see that reduced electricity prices allow you to keep more of the profits – the heat is off!

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Look at how you can reduce costs further

As well as the costs associated with your actual sunbeds, other utility costs can come from external and internal lighting, back office functions and washroom/cloakroom facilities. Consider looking into alternative bulbs such as LED technology which in many cases, is just as good if not better than traditional lighting. However, it is definitely better on price and if your sunbed salon relies on lighting for mood and ambiance it’s worth looking at more cost-effective bulbs

All businesses now have a responsibility to reduce their carbon footprint and so as well as moving to greener lighting don’t forget that when the time comes to replace your sunbeds there are energy efficient and more sustainable models to choose from. Features include LED lighting, reduced UV and Climatronic output settings which allow you, as the salon owner, to decide how much energy you want to save.

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We've saved up to 45% off utility bills for over 60,000 businesses across the UK. We often secure better rates without having to switch suppliers too.


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