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With gas and electricity being a major outlay in your hotel business, making sure you have the most cost effective supplier is crucial.

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Hotel energy rates; Electricity and Gas. Check in to lower energy prices

With energy costs being the second biggest outlay (after wages) it’s no wonder that hoteliers are looking at ways to reduce their gas and electricity costs. Whether you run a small B&B or a large, city centre hotel, getting those utility bills down is a constant battle. A quick win for any hotel will be switching their current energy provider and Utility Bidder work with numerous hotel businesses who have found just by switching their energy providers they will see reductions in their energy costs of up to 40%.

Most businesses will roll over their contracts with an existing supplier, simply because it seems like the easiest option. However, this is what suppliers are hoping you will do. They know that searching for alternative gas and electricity providers while managing a busy B&B or hotel is going to be the last thing on your mind.

What you and your team can do to save money on your hotel’s energy costs


So much lighting – from the external signage, reception, corridors, guest rooms, bars, restaurants, function rooms, gyms, kitchens, staff rooms. It’s no wonder that lighting can represent at least a quarter of your hotel’s electricity bill. However, major savings can be had by investing in LED technology which has developed quickly to that it can now not only match, but in many cases, improve on traditional products. As a hotel has so many lighting needs it is probably wise to test the numerous LED solutions available so that you purchase the correct lighting for the best effect.  Bigger hotels would be wise to seek the advice of a specialist who will provide expertise around aesthetics, functionality and safety. Getting the right cost effective lighting solution could actually reduce costs by up to a third.

Heating in hotels

Heating could be accounting for more than 40% of energy used in your hotel or B&B. This means there’s plenty of scope when it comes to making savings. A good place to start is by ensuring every area of the hotel or guest house is at the right temperature. It is particularly important in large hotels with many facilities to create zoned area with their own thermostatic controls. This allows you to manage the heating and turn it down or off when not in use. If your budget can stretch to intelligent guest management systems which can check whether or not a guest in in his or her room, you will recoup the investment in energy savings cost over a few years. For other, smaller venues, where that may not be feasible, ask staff to become energy champions for their areas. This will encourage them to take control of their departments and look at ways to save your business money.

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Don’t delay switching your hotel’s energy provider

Even if your existing contact has many months to run before it comes to an end – don’t wait until the last minute to contact us about switching your hotel’s utility provider. The sooner we can get a new provider and a new improved price in writing, the better.

Just contact our energy experts, give us a letter of authority which you just need to sign – an, as many past bills as you can – and leave the rest up to us. Utility Bidder work with numerous hotels of all sizes up and down the UK and we are confident that if you let us search the market for you, we will save your hotel, guest house or B&B money on its gas and electricity bills.

You really have nothing to lose and many £££s to save on your business electricity and gas.

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Hotel industry

Gold’s analysis of the industry suggests the independent hotel sector in the UK offers around 38,000 hotels with branded chains providing 3,000 buildings. Thanks to the rise in demand from both business and leisure travel, UK hotels are doing well. Predictions for 2019 do suggest growth, albeit at a slower level, due to economic uncertainty and more hotel rooms being released. TopHotel news reported that 84 new hotels opened in 2018 with a similar number planned to open in 2019 providing an additional 35,118 new hotel rooms to guests from the UK and the world.

At the other end of the scale is the much-loved B&B. There are around 25,000 Bed and Breakfast guest houses in the UK which represents a £2 billion-pound industry and Trip Advisor reported that the best B&Bs in the world are British! With tourism in the UK booming the future looks bright for the hotel and B&B sector, but in order to take full advantage of both the domestic and international customer, hoteliers much make sure they are getting the best value they can for their gas and electricity costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

While you can save hundreds of pounds by putting in some simple measures yourself, by far the best savings will come from switching your pubs gas and electricity provider.

You will already be aware of the Minimum energy efficiency standards (MEES) now implemented in commercial buildings. There is both a public and political movement to focus on energy efficiency in a bid to reduce the carbon footprint of a pub business. As well as being kind to the planet, energy efficiency will also ensure you are being kind to your pub’s bottom line.

Utility Bidder has saved many pub businesses considerable sums of money by helping then switch their gas and electricity providers. Add your pub’s name to the list and call time on spiraling utility costs in your pub.

Some customers aren’t on the correct tariff for their consumption, this effects small and large businesses. We can look in to bill and usage history to determine what the best tariff is for you.

Recommended temperatures for hotels:

Corridors and bedrooms: 19–21°C
Guest bathrooms: 26–27°C
Bars and lounges: 20–22°C
Restaurants and dining rooms: 22–24°C
Kitchens: 16–18°C
Laundries: 16–19°C

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We've saved up to 45% off utility bills for over 60,000 businesses across the UK. We often secure better rates without having to switch suppliers too.


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