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Restaurants gas and electricity prices are rising. Save time and money, compare your Restaurant energy and utility deals and rates today. Compare Restaurants Gas and Electricity Suppliers.

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The latest government guidelines have revealed that we can begin to return to a more normal life. As of the 4th of July, we will see a majority of the hospitality sector return to work, this includes pubs, bars and restaurants.

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Restaurant Energy Costs Can Be Hard to Swallow

If you run a restaurant business, you’ll know the pain of energy costs eating into your profit margins. These margins can be extremely tight for restaurants in particular. If your expenses creep up too much, your bottom line could be seriously affected.

Business energy costs are rising all the time. If gas and electricity prices go up and you’re on a variable tariff, your outgoings can rocket.

This is why it’s so important to analyse and compare business energy. You need a tariff that suits your business, while also offering fantastic value. But how many business owners do you know who have the time to search the market? This is where Utility Bidder comes in.

We work with restaurants of all sizes and types. Our aim is to help our business customers secure the best deals for gas, electricity and water. We take the time to listen to your needs and get under the skin of your business. Looking at everything from meter readings to bills, we gain an accurate picture of your energy usage. With this data and our unrivalled industry contacts, we can match your business to the best energy tariffs.

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How does restaurant energy add up?

In July 2018, the Office for National Statistics published a report on which industries used the most energy. Unsurprisingly, hospitality came high up in the list in third place.

Research suggests that a commercial kitchen can use 10 times the amount of energy compared to other commercial buildings. As a whole, the catering industry in the UK uses around 20,600 million kWh of energy a year. This means that average restaurant utility costs are much higher than in other sectors.

Most restaurants have two energy hot spots. The first is, of course, the kitchen. Here, your cooking equipment uses a significant amount of gas, electricity and water.

You must also take the restaurant itself into account when calculating energy usage. To create the perfect atmosphere for diners, you must invest in the right heating and lighting. From air conditioners to lightbulbs and digital displays – it all uses energy. And the bigger your square footage, the higher your costs.

While energy usage is undoubtedly high for restaurants, there is a silver lining. According to research from the Energy Efficiency Financing (EEF) scheme, small and medium-sized restaurants are overspending by more than £90 million a year. By switching to a better deal using Utility Bidder, there’s the opportunity to make big energy savings. And you can save even more on utility bills by improving energy efficiency.

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Switch your energy provider with Utility Bidder

Most people don’t realise their energy bill is made up of many different elements. The cost isn’t solely based on how much and gas and electricity your restaurant consumes.

In fact, it also includes additional charges. For example:

● Network costs – these are charges for getting the energy to your restaurant
● Environmental initiative costs set by the government
● Service fees charged by your supplier

Many businesses are also affected by the Climate Change Levy (CCL). This can involve extra costs, designed to encourage your restaurant to become more energy efficient. However, you are exempt from the CCL in certain circumstances. For example, if your restaurant uses less than 33 kWh of electricity or less than 145 KWh of gas per day.

Utility Bidder is on a mission to simplify energy costs for businesses. We do all the hard work of comparing all costs across 27+ major energy suppliers. Our recommendations take everything into account, so you can be sure you’ll be paying the fairest price.

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Why choose us – We make a commitment to each and every business that we’ll provide an award winning service and 5* expertise at every stage of the process. No two businesses are the same – our team of utility experts are available to help you and provide services based on the specifics of your business. We successfully work with UK businesses across all sectors and sizes.

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Switch your gas

To switch your restaurant’s gas provider, get in touch with Utility Bidder. We advise contacting us a year before your old contract expires. The earlier we secure a new gas provider for your restaurant, the better. It will help you to avoid paying out of contract charges. Plus, it can ease the transition from one supplier to another. This means minimum disruption for your restaurant and a smooth, stress-free switch.

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Switch your electricity

With electricity costs rising all the time, it’s crucial to get to grips with your business electricity bills. Do you know how much you pay per unit of electricity? Or the daily standing charge on your contract? Don’t worry if you don’t, as Utility Bidder can help.

We’ll take your previous business energy bills as a starting point. Even if you’re not sure what all the terminology means – we are. And we can explain it all in plain language. Our energy experts will help you find the best contract for your needs. With our help, you can be confident you’re getting the fairest price across the board.

Just like with gas, the earlier you contact Utility Bidder, the better.

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switch your water

And now for dessert – it’s time to take a closer look at your water bills. Now that the water market has been deregulated, you can take your pick from UK suppliers.

Did you know that around a third of businesses are paying over the odds for their water? Water consumption is particularly high for restaurants, so it makes sense to get the best possible deal.

If you think you’re overpaying on water, Utility Bidder can help. We’ll take a look at your billing history over six years. We can advise if your restaurant has been overcharged or if there’s an issue with usage. And if there’s a better deal out there, we’ll let you know.

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Switch your energy provider

Switching supplier

Most people don’t realize their energy bill is made up of many different elements – and it’s not just based on how much and gas and electricity your restaurant consumes.  The bill also includes charges for getting the energy to your restaurant (network costs), charges set by government to cover environmental initiative costs and the fee charged by your supplier to keep things running smoothly and make a profit.  Another cost could be the Climate Change Levy (CCL), which is essentially a tax to encourage your restaurant to become more energy efficient.  You are exempt from the CCL if your restaurant uses less than 33 kWh of electricity a day or less than 145 KWh of gas per day.

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