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Restaurants gas and electricity prices are rising. Save time and money, compare your Restaurant energy and utility deals and rates today. Compare Restaurants Gas and Electricity Suppliers.

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Restaurant energy costs can be hard to swallow

If you are fortunate enough to run a successful restaurant business you will recognize how energy costs can take a considerable bite out of your profit margins.  Utility Bidder work with numerous restaurants of all sizes to help them secure the best deal for their gaselectricity and water usage in their restaurant business.

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How does restaurant energy add up?

In July, 2018 the Office of National Statistics published a report which looked at which industries used the most energy.  You may not be surprised to learn that hospitality came third on that list. Most restaurants have two energy hot spots – the kitchen(s) where a lot of gas, electricity and water is consumed – and the restaurant itself, where heating and lighting are crucial in creating the right atmosphere for customers.

Research suggests that a commercial kitchen can use ten times the amount of energy compared to other commercial buildings and the catering industry in the UK uses around 20,600 million kWh of energy a year.  The really bad news is that small and medium sized restaurants are actually OVERSPENDING by over £90 million a year because of energy inefficiencies.  (Source: Energy Efficiency Financing (EEF) scheme, a joint initiative between the Carbon Trust and Siemens Financial Services).

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Switch your gas

To switch your restaurant’s gas provider, we advise getting in touch with us a year before your old contract expires.  The earlier we secure a new gas provider for your restaurant the better. It will help you to avoid paying out of contract charges and ease the transition from one supplier to another.

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Switch your electricity

Electricity charges for your restaurant business continue to increase.  It’s really important to have a thorough understanding of your energy consumption – how much are you paying for your unit rate and daily standing charge for example? We will take your former energy bills as a starting point, because even if you are not sure what all the terminology means – we are.  Our energy experts will help you find the best contract for your needs.  Again, the earlier you start to look at new contracts, the better is will be for your restaurant.

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switch your water

Finally, now that the water market has been deregulated your restaurant can buy its water from any of the country’s providers.  With around a third of businesses paying over the odds for their water it makes sense that water intensive businesses like restaurants should ensure they are getting the best deal.  We will take a look at your billing history over six years to advise you if we think your restaurant has been overcharged or if there are any obvious issues with usage – and then advise you accordingly.

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Switch your energy provider

Switching supplier

Most people don’t realize their energy bill is made up of many different elements – and it’s not just based on how much and gas and electricity your restaurant consumes.  The bill also includes charges for getting the energy to your restaurant (network costs), charges set by government to cover environmental initiative costs and the fee charged by your supplier to keep things running smoothly and make a profit.  Another cost could be the Climate Change Levy (CCL), which is essentially a tax to encourage your restaurant to become more energy efficient.  You are exempt from the CCL if your restaurant uses less than 33 kWh of electricity a day or less than 145 KWh of gas per day.

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