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Are your Gurdwara energy costs increasing?

If your gurdwara’s utility bills are increasing, you are no doubt looking at ways to bring those costs under control.  One of the most effective methods to keep your energy expenditure in check is by working with Utility Bidder to switch your gurdwara’s energy bills.

Gurdwara buildings themselves are very different.  On the one hand, you have the opulent Guru Nanak Gurdwara in Smethwick, which is not only home to one of the largest Sikh congregations in Europe but has also been listed as one of the most important faith buildings in England by Historic England.   In complete contrast, you have the contemporary design of Leicester’s purpose built Hamilton gurdwara, one of the largest purpose built gurdwaras in the UK.

They both have one thing in common – ensuring their building is run and managed as efficiently as possible.

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How green is your gurdwara?

While any new purpose built gurdwara will be able to include the latest green technologies, for the majority of the 300 or so gurdwaras in the UK, it may not be physically possible to have a sustainable gurdwara, or it may not be financially viable. Everyone wants to ensure a greener future for our children and grandchildren, which is why we are looking at ways to reduce our carbon footprint and most gurdwara’s regardless of their age or size could introduce some small measures that will make a difference.

What percentage of your gudwaras electric bill is electricity...

While many gurdwara’s benefit from lots of natural light, there will of course be areas where artificial lighting is used.  In which case, you could save around 40% less power if you change traditional lights to new LED lighting which is now available in different sizes to fit more fixtures and fittings.

And, if your gurdwara does have temperature controlled heating – don’t forget you can save money by turning down the thermostat by a few degrees.

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How is your gurdwara being used?

The gurdwara provides a warm welcome to people from any religion and these days as many non-Sikhs as Sikhs are using their local gurdwara for warmth, shelter and meals.  The Sikh Council UK say that the homeless and hungry visiting gurdwaras is a growing trend.

This increase in visitor numbers is placing increased pressure on all the facilities, including of course energy bills. While the local community works hard to support its temple the management team could look at how and when the buildings are being used to see if there are ways energy usage could be managed.

For example, are there areas of your gurdwara that are not used all the time?  Areas such as cloakroom, toilets, store rooms and so on may benefits from the installation of modern sensor active lights.  This will ensure that they come on when somebody enters a room and go off when they leave.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If like most businesses your gurdwara just uses the water provided by a local supplier your gurdwara could be missing out on savings.

Most of us don’t really think about our water provider, we automatically renew with the water service provider for our region. However, now your gurdwara is eligible to make savings on its water bills simply by changing from your current water provider to any water providers across the country.

This is another easy process. In order to save your gurdwara money on its water expenditure all you have to do is give Utility Bidder a 12-month water billing record and our water specialists will advise you if there are any savings to be made.

About 10% of UK businesses could have been over charged from the existing water supplier and so Utility Bidder will search back through years of water charges for your gurdwara and if this has occurred, we will let you know.  The good news is that your gurdwara could claim back as much as six years of over charges and to checking to see if your temple is eligible for a water charge rebate is good business sense.

Once again Utility Bidder has made switching from your gurdwara’s existing water supplier to a new one very easy.  If you do make the decision to move providers, we will do all the paperwork on your behalf.

As previously discussed, every gurdwara is different in terms of how large it is, how many buildings there are, how old the buildings are and so on.  That’s why we are not able to give you a price saving until we have surveyed the market for you.

However, because Utility Bidder work with several gurdwara’s across the UK to save them money on their gas and electricity supplies, we are confident that we could save anything up to 40%.

As gurdwara’s continue to help the homeless by serving thousands of free Langar meals day in day out around Britain, the savings that it is possible to make by switching your gurdwara utility provider could be used to support the volunteers in their work.

Utility Bidder experts promise to pay £500 if we don’t beat your initial renewal quote 0 that’s how confident we are in our ability to save you money by switching your gurdwara energy provider.

Is your gurdwara paying the best price it can for its energy?  The cost of energy is only likely to rise in the future, certainly nobody can see any price drop coming our way any time soon. That’s why it is so important to ensure that your gurdwara is paying the best price it can for its gas and electricity supply.

If you use Utility Bidder to switch your gurdwara utility provider we will save you money on your next energy contract.  It’s tempting to think this is something you can do in-house by using an online service, however, not all suppliers are searched and thanks to the complex language used by suppliers it’s difficult to enter the right information.

Use the free service provided by Utility Bidder to switch your gurdwara energy providers.  Just visit our Trustpilot  reviews to see what our many satisfied customers are saying about the outstanding service we provide and the money we save.  We hope to see your gurdwara review there in the not too distant future.

Gurdwara trustees and management team are busy people and managing a gurdwara’s energy bills will be just one of many responsibilities.  The idea of adding another – to search and compare all the energy suppliers in order to find a better deal for your gurdwara utility prices – is not one that a trustee or committee would relish.

That’s why it’s beneficial to give the job of switching your gurdwara gas and electricity provider to Utility Bidder.  It’s our job to do all the hard work for your gurdwara so that trustees don’t have to.

We will ask you to sign a letter of authorization that essentially gives us permission to search for new gurdwara energy providers for you, and we will need copies of your previous bills.  However, after that, your work is done and you can leave the business of finding a new energy supplier for your gurdwara to us.

We have close relationships with 27 gas and electricity suppliers which allows to search the marketplace on your behalf to find the best gas and electricity supplier for your gurdwara.  Once we have found the best supplier for your gurdwara, when your existing gas and electricity contract comes to an end, your gurdwara will move smoothly to your new supplier, and so provide you with much more cost-effective gas and electricity prices.

One piece of advice through – your gurdwara should approach Utility Bidder as soon as you are thinking about changing your utility provider.  Some suppliers try to lock you into a deal months before the contract comes to an end.  Don’t be caught out by an automatic rollover and speak to Utility Bidder about switching your gurdwara’s energy supplier as soon as possible.

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