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The impact of the commercial water deregulation

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Since the deregulation of the commercial water market in 2017, businesses have been able to choose who supplies their business with water services. The deregulation has proven a number of benefits and also allows businesses to save on their water rates. We will help you secure the best contract for your business water rates through the use of our market insights and supplier relations. From new contracts to bill validations through to water audits – if there are savings to be made on your business water rate, we will find it.

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Why should you switch water suppliers?

Our independent research shows that as many as one in three businesses have previously been overcharged on their business water rates. We’d recommend a water audit as this will help us figure out where you have been overcharged, which can be claimed back.

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How can we help you with your water bills?

We can also provide alternative deals allowing you to save on your business water bills. Switching water suppliers with Utility bidder has the following benefits:

  • lower business water bills
  • better value for your money
  • A better-tailored service that suits your specific business needs
  • Aid in becoming more water-efficient

There are 2 factors that determine whether you can switch your business water supplier:

1) Is your company predominantly business based or domestic?

2) Where is your waterboard or water provider based? We can help you switch today and save on your business water rates. Our team of experts will do all the searching and switching for you, so you can focus on your business.

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What is a water audit and how can it help you?

Water audits are perfect for in-depth research on your history of business water rates and how we can potentially save you money. Scouring the markets for business water rates can be quite time consuming for any business owner so by conducting a water audit we are able to do all the research for you and find the most effective solution. Using three simple steps we can put forward suggestions on how to cut down your spending on business water rates.

Why should you use Utility Bidder?

We are experienced in dealing with companies of all sizes and sectors. Whether that be an SME, large business or public sector, we are dedicated to helping you save money. Get in touch today and one of our business water experts will book you in for a water audit and discuss how we can save you money on your business water bills.

We will begin by looking at your current spending. Providing 12 months of billing will allow us to highlight if there are problems with billing, usage and/or charges

We will look into historical of up to 6 years to see if there is a case to gain a rebate of any overcharges. We then discuss a site audit with you to see if there are any potential future savings.

If we see there are savings that could be made we will make suggestions to you on how to achieve this.

How can we help you save money?

We understand the busy nature of being a business owner. That’s why we are dedicated to providing services that allow business owners to save money on their business water rates and business utilities. With our years of experience within the industry, we know two businesses will never be the same so we tailor our services to suit your specific requirements, allowing you to save money on your business water bills without the hassle of searching through complex markets.

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We can negotiate the perfect deal for you

Our years of experience in the business utility industry has enabled us to create strong relationships with the UK’s top suppliers. Our premium status with these business water suppliers means we can go in and negotiate prices you may not be able to negotiate yourself. Our industry experts will search the markets for business water rates that maximise your savings and benefit your business.

We base our research on the specifics of your business, regardless of your business size or sector. We have worked with SME’s, Large businesses and public sectors so we understand that no two businesses will ever be the same. Contact us today and our team will begin search for lower business water rates for either a switch or even a renewal.

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Why choose us – We make a commitment to each and every business that we’ll provide an award winning service and 5* expertise at every stage of the process. No two businesses are the same – our team of utility experts are available to help you and provide services based on the specifics of your business. We successfully work with UK businesses across all sectors and sizes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If your current supplier maintained their license to act as a supplier, then nothing will have changed. They will have automatically transferred you onto their default tariff.

The default tariff is likely to be more expensive tariff than others suppliers may be offering.

Gain a free, no obligation quote from us to see how they compare.

If your current supplier decided to exit the commercial market and you didn’t switch suppliers, your supply will have been allocated by the central market agency however you will not be in contract.

There are 2 factors that determine whether you can switch your business water supplier – 1) Is your company predominantly business based or domestic? 2) Where is your waterboard or water provider based?

The deregulation is now live in England and Scotland, however, if your commercial water supplier is in Wales then you cannot switch water supplier yet, unless you use a large amount of water.

As of 1st April 2017 the non-domestic water market was deregulated. This means that like Gas and Electricity, all businesses within England (not Wales) can now choose which company supplies their water and waste water services.

While the water wholesaler will be determined by the region, the supplier can be chosen by you. The changes came after the successful deregulation of water in Scotland in 2008.

You are likely to save money, however, for the first several years of the deregulation it may not be as dramatic as you would hope. However, in time we will see increased competition and differences in prices between suppliers. The current savings in the Scottish market are between 10 – 25%, depending on the mark up charges, but they have been deregulated since 2008.

We have found that savings can be made and rebates can be claimed through having a water audit.

Call us today to discuss your business water requirements and we can guide you through the process of switching and undertaking a water audit.

There are currently 25 water suppliers across the UK:

List of Uk Water Suppliers
Affinity Water
Albion Water
Anglian water
Bristol Water
Cambridge Water
Cholderton & District Water
Dee Valley
Dwr Cymru (Welsh Water)
Essex and Suffolk Water
Independent Water Networks
Northern Ireland Water
Northumbrian Water
Portsmouth Water
Scottish Water
Severn Trent Water
South East Water
South West Water
Southern Water
Sutton and East Surry Water
Thames Water
United Utiliies Water
Wessex Water
Yorkshire Water

Looking to switch business water supplier?

Due to having a choice of suppliers, you may benefit from:

  • Improved service
  • Expert advice
  • Cheaper water bills
  • No negative effect on your water bill
  • Tailored service Business water deals

New companies have entered the market, many of these have a utilities background. Recently, more energy suppliers have added water to their list of services and others will be teaming up with regional water companies. Some regional water companies now operate on a national basis and some have chosen to withdraw completely – leaving those with contracts having to change water supplier.

If you have not secured a water contract since April 2017 you will have automatically been put onto a default tariff with your existing water supplier should they continued to operate, bear in mind they may have changed trading name.

Business water bills vary in value depending on your commercial location, company size and usage. Our experienced water team can audit your bill and gather the relevant information to help find you the best commercial water quotes and prices for your business. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our team here.

Trade effluent is a term used to describe any business waste water that’s produced on commercial trade premises, aside from domestic sewage (wastewater). Under The Water Industry Act 1991 defines trade effluent as “any liquid, either with or without particles of matter in suspension in the liquid, which is wholly or partly produced in the course of any trade or industry carried on at a trade premises.”

Example businesses that must be aware of effluent water discharge are: Petrol stations, hotels, hospitals, manufacturers, engineering and chemical plants.

Limits are placed within your business trade effluent agreement. This includes the consideration of all the below, all mentioned and agreed in your business agreement:

– Volume

– Discharge rate

– No flammable or toxic substances such as petroleum

– ph levels must be between the agreed levels

– Check temperature limits

Our business water experts are on hand to answer any questions you may have, contact us here

To protect the environment, you need permission if your business is going to discharge any trade effluent in to public sewers. Effluent water consent is included in the trade effluent public register. Please find a link to this below:

For temporary discharges, this must be for less than 6 months and full consent is required. This must be leaked in to a foul sewer and not the surface water system. Please contact your retailer, they will require you to complete the relevant application.

Unfortunately, every year in the UK, there are many spillage incidents from businesses. If these business water spillages contain hazardous water, this can cause issues for the local environment and companies. For companies that deal with hazardous waste, such as handling chemicals in the chemical industry – A leak can be catastrophic. This links with trade effluent and waste water.

The authorities that deal with environmental legislation are below, If there’s an on site spillage relating to business water or trade effluent, its recommended that you contact:

EA – Environmental Agency

NIEA – Northern Ireland Environmental Agency

SEPA – Scottish Environmental Protection Agency

Natural Resource Wales

Thames Water was hit by a record fine of around £20million in 2017 for large sewage leaks:

A section 104 sewer agreement is a strict agreement between businesses and sewerage undertakers. For developments and businesses, the sewage and waste water systems have to meet agreed standards. This is called a section 104 agreement.

Are you overpaying for your business electricity? You can compare business electricity prices here

The amount you pay on your water bill isn’t just to do with the water supply. You’ll also be paying for additional services. These include sewerage services. Your premises will produce waste water, such as from toilets and kitchens. It also produces effluent waste, which is liquid waste contaminated with oil, grease, chemicals or food waste. All of these drainage and sewerage services will go on your bill. 

The amount you’re charged by your water supplier depends on a few factors. For example, the amount and strength of the effluent before it reaches the sewer. You’ll be charged a set rate for these services in one of two ways. The first is a set charge, if you have a water meter. This is in addition to paying for the water you use. The second is a set amount based on the value of your property. If you are a large business using a lot of water, you could be eligible for a special tariff. This is known as a large user tariff, which could make your water cheaper.

Water and sewerage charges can be confusing. Utility Bidder can help you get to grips with your water bills and understand what you’re paying for. Our expertise and industry knowledge is also invaluable when it comes to comparing business water suppliers. We take all charges and costs into account, so you can be confident you’ll be paying the fairest prices across the board.  

According to our independent research, as many as one in three businesses have been previously overcharged on their business water accounts. The issue could be with the supply of water. Alternatively, you could have overpaid for sewerage services or surface water removal. 

Did you know that this can all be claimed back? If we can find evidence that you’ve been overcharged for water in the past five years, you could have a claim. 

The best way to find this out is with a water audit. We’ll check your previous water bills and give you honest advice you can trust. 

To find out if you have a claim, speak to our expert commercial water quotes team today.

One in 10 businesses have experienced water supply issues:

Step One

It all starts with a free water audit from Utility Bidder. To manage your water effectively, we need to understand your current spend. It can also be helpful to assess the amount of water your business uses. Our experts will take a look at 12 months of previous water bills. We’ll be able to identify problems with billing, usage and/or charges. This also gives us a clear view of your spending, so we can search the market for more competitive deals. 

Step Two

Could you claim back money on your water bills? This is what our expert team will find out. We’ll look into historical charges of up to six years. If you have a case to gain a rebate for overcharging, we’ll find it. We will also discuss a site audit with you. This could open the door to potential further savings.

Step Three

Utility Bidder is dedicated to finding savings for businesses. If we see the potential to save money on your water bills, we’ll tell you just how to do it. This could be switching supplier or renegotiating with your existing one. Our recommendations are honest, practical and trustworthy. 

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