Renewable business energy

Climate change, the environment, carbon footprint, sustainable energy

We are all familiar with these terms but what do they actually mean for your business’s energy?

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Green business energy

With the ever increasing usage of business energy, switching to green business energy can massively impact both your business and the environment.

The UK, the government has set a target to reduce these emissions by 80% by 2050. It’s a pretty big ask but by making significant changes, individuals and businesses can all play their part by switching to green business energy.

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Why should you consider going green?

Going green has so many benefits – not just your local area but for the whole planet. Having green credentials is also great for your corporate social responsibility and is something you can shout about on your website. Switch to green business energy with Utility Bidder

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Green business energy

There is no doubt that as we approach the government deadline for a carbon free economy in 2050 more businesses will be facing pressure to switch to green business energy. Renewable energy will become cheaper and already consumer choice is increasing which will ensure more competitive pricing strategies. Our experts will be happy to lead your business through the maze of green energy providers so that you can find the best one for your needs.

Many of the mainstream providers do have a ‘green energy’ tariff. For example, E.ON offers a fixed one year tariff purchased from 100% renewable electricity and green gas. It also offers to match 100% of your estimated annual electricity use with UK-sourced Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin (REGO) certificates. However, there are also around a dozen energy companies that specialize in green energy– and the choice is growing every day.

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What is Renewable business energy?

Renewable business energy does just what it says on the tin – it is energy that won’t run out because it is renewable and better still it does not harm the environment. This includes energy sources derived from solar panels, wind turbines, hydropower and biomass energy. Currently, the UK produces around 30% of its electricity from renewables and so we still have a way to go to meet the government’s target. However, we are producing more green energy than ever before and the percentage of people who are in favour of using renewable energy in the UK rose to 85% in 2018, as reported by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. And if your business is keen to buy green energy Utility Bidder can help.

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Business electricity suppliers, tariffs and prices

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Fossil Fuels

As well as being a finite supply of energy, fossil fuels produce CO₂ which has been created in such large amounts there is now an invisible layer around the earth causing heat to remain inside the planet. This is causing global warning or ‘the greenhouse effect’ and is responsible for polar ice caps melting and sea levels rising. All of us have to look at ways to reduce CO₂ and most countries around the world are agreed that drastic action is needed.

Some companies are also offering ‘green gas’ otherwise known as biomethane. Gas can be produced from numerous sources and essentially is derived from the processing of organic waste such as waste food, animal waste, food processing waste and so on. Essentially, biomethane removes CO₂ and so reduces greenhouse emissions.

One way businesses can get involved is by investing in renewable energy or green energy.

What makes up the largest cost of a business utility bill?

Electricity which probably makes up the largest portion of your utility bill is derived from using fossil fuels. These are non-renewable fuels – once they are gone, they are gone and the earth only has a limited supply. There are various estimates as to when we will have used up fossil fuels, but many agree around the year 2060 isn’t too far off the mark.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are many ways your business can generate its own energy. Solar panels for example are nothing new, the ancient Greeks built their towns to face the sun so that their homes would be heated during cooler months and now, solar photovoltaic panels are essentially doing the same thing. The sun is a free natural resource that even here in the UK we can take advantage of as solar panels still generate electricity even on a cloudy day. Energy Saving Trust explain how the panels work and provide a solar energy calculator to help you see the benefits of installing solar. Solar energy is already quite inexpensive but it’s predicted that it will become the cheapest energy source in the whole world in the next decade.

You can also generate business energy from the wind. A wind turbine is either considered a blot on the landscape or a thing of beauty, but love them or loathe them they are providing a significant amount of energy. The large blades catch the wind and as they move they drive a turbine to generate electricity.

You can actually have your own small wind turbine erected in a suitably exposed position on your business premises (you can even have a smaller one mounted on the roof) and the cost will depend on size and of course, how much money it saves your business in the long term. If this something that interests you, speak to your local authority and ask about grants that may be available.

A new government scheme in the UK means that any business throughout the U.K. that has already installed wind turbines, anaerobic digestion plants, solar panels or any other form of renewable energy generation can benefit significantly should they have enough capacity to sell to the grid. See more about exporting to the grid here.

If you want your businesses gas and electricity to come from renewable energy then you may find yourself wondering where to start in finding the best supplier for your business needs. That’s where Utility Bidder comes in. We can work with your business to find a utility provider that complements your own ethical credentials and gives you energy at the best competitive price.

We will shop around on your behalf and as well as talking to major energy providers we will also engage with smaller, niche energy providers who may be able to offer your business a better price for its gas and electricity supplies.

Currently, energy tariffs from renewable energy firms can be slightly more expensive than with a major provider, but only slightly and we are confident that as more businesses go green and work with these specialist companies, prices will go down. In some cases, the smaller firms actually cut their prices – last year Bulb, actually reduced its standard tariff just as the major companies were putting theirs up!

And remember, using a small green energy supplier will not mean any other changes to the way your energy is provided – your business certainly won’t notice a difference in supply. If you think you would like to find out more about specialist green energy providers but don’t have the time – let our experts at Utility Bidder do all the hard work for you. We’d be happy to shop the market to find your ethical partner.

Some of us want to do it, most of us know we should be doing it, but still very few of us actually have done it: changed to a green energy contract. The main obstacle to business uptake is the long-held belief that green energy is more expensive, but the margins have reduced and there are a number of factors that specifically and directly benefit those businesses that do consider moving to a renewable business energy cost.

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