Business energy is so often in a state of flux, making it confusing at the best of times. For a business to benefit, it is important to understand energy use and take the necessary steps to become more energy efficient. Saving business energy can significantly enhance corporate image, reduce operating costs, and environmental impact by cutting down carbon emissions. Energy conservation and efficiency should be one of the critical aspects of business planning. The following are the various ways of improving business energy efficiency:

Upgrade to energy-efficient lighting

Lighting can account for up to 50% of energy usage for some businesses. Upgrading to energy-efficient lighting alternatives by choosing better ways to keep workstations safe and adequately lit, such as LED lighting and sensors can significantly reduce energy usage by as much as 75%. Lighting control systems and sensors can be installed in occasionally used places such as restrooms and conference rooms to reduce energy wastage. It is also vital to take advantage of the free natural light to reduce energy wastage.

Select the right ventilation system

It is essential to use a ventilation system that can maintain a good quality of air and prevent moisture build-up due to the airtight nature of the corporate buildings. A good example is the use of heat recovery ventilators. These systems considerably use the outgoing air from your building to heat the incoming air such as during the summer where air from the building can cool the breeze coming from outside.

Measure energy consumption

Measuring energy consumption is a crucial step in enhancing business energy usage, whether it is a rental or owned building. Benchmarking is essential to identify areas where significant improvements are required in energy efficiency.

Purchase certified equipment

A business should be interested in high-performance, energy-efficient equipment, and systems. Always buy certified products with high-performance levels and low energy consumption. It is also imperative for a company to stay up-to-date with new developments since there is a continuous evolution of the products.

Return on investment

Energy efficiency investments are one of the guaranteed outlays a business can make despite the considerable up-front expenses. A good example is retrofitting a building which generally generates energy savings of between 5 to 15% and can pay for itself within three years.

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